Feed Your Competitive Spirit

The Players Club Indoor Golf Club is ready to feed your competitive spirit. Our indoor golf leagues accommodate golfers of all skill levels. Mens, Women’s, Youth, and Mixed leagues are just a few of our many scheduled events. Be sure to take a look at our league schedule and contact a staff member for details on how to participate.


Sample League Format

Duration: 10-12 Weeks
Format: 9 hole SINGLE MATCH PLAY (Stroke and Stableford nights can be scheduled if interested)
Time: 7:00 PM – 9:15 PM
Capacity: 12 – 24 players
Handicap: 90%
Cost: Varies based on number of weeks. Cost includes warm-up, play, registration and weekly prize purse contributions

Sign Up for A Winter League

Please contact us at 201-483-9690 for details about particpating on a league – or creating one of your own.

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League Rules

  • There are no mulligans allowed. In the case of an error with the simulator please notify staff and we will make an adjustment.
  • Any shots that do not register may be replayed without penalty
  • Teams may join after the season has started but cannot earn League Points for weeks that have already passed. League fee will be pro-rated depending on how many weeks were missed, with a maximum of 2.
  • Anyone not finishing in their allotted time will have the remaining holes averaged out based on how far under/over par they are at that point.
  • Shots must be played from the appropriate lie (Fairway, Rough or Sand)
  • Maximum 8 strokes per hole

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